Baptism Clothing: Choosing the Perfect Outfit for their Christening

Baptism Clothing: Choosing the Perfect Outfit for their Christening

Your child’s baptism is a special day for the whole family, as your child marks the beginning of their life of faith. This is an important day for them both spiritually and for creating memories with family. Photos will be snapped all day long so you’ll no doubt be looking for the perfect outfit to meet your budget, and have them looking cute and stylish in all the photos.

Finding a high-quality, elegant outfit that blends traditional and trendy styles is one thing that might seem intimidating but it doesn’t have to be! Choosing the right baptism clothing is a task that can be easily done online, especially if you know what you’re looking for.

With so many options for style to choose and places to shop, it can seem like a hard task to find the prefect outfit for their baptism day. We’ve broken down a few of the options here to make it a bit easier for you!

Boys Baptism Clothing

There are a few style choices for boys’ baptism clothes. The age of your child will help determine the best style for him, but the general styles are pretty consistent regardless of his age.

Baptism rompers – Ideal for a baby or young crawler, a romper is a stylish choice for a young boy getting baptised. The one-piece outfit makes it easy for him to move around easily and not need constant readjusting of their outfit.

Baptism tuxedos  Tuxedos are a classy and stylish choice for any young boy. This is a great choice for a more formal event or a young baby that isn’t yet trying to move around on their own.

Baptism pant & vest suits – Multi-piece suits are perfect for events that might see him changing outfits partway through, to incorporate a different colour of vest, or if you want to add a tie in a family colour.

Girls Baptism Dresses and Gowns

Baptism gowns – This classic baptism outfit will have your daughter looking beautiful in her traditional gown. If she’s already crawling, this dress might make getting around a bit difficult but it is the most traditional option out there for her.

Tulle dresses – A dress with a full skirt made of tulle or lace is a trendy way to incorporate the traditional style of wearing a white dress, but give it a more modern look with a frilly skirt and fitted bodice.

Princess dresses with a decorative sash – If you have a favourite family colour or want to give a bit of sparkle to her outfit, a dress with a customizable sash is an easy and stylish way to do this.

Baptism Outfit Accessories

There endless options for accessories, but here are a few suggestions of items you might want to consider to help your child’s outfit really shine on their baptism day.

  • Cute tights for under her dress.
  • A coat or Jacket
  • A coordinating white bib to keep their outfit fresh and clean through meal times
  • Shoes, socks or slippers. Depending if your child is walking or crawling, you can choose something that is age appropriate, but that looks good with their outfit.

Make their baptism memorable with a great outfit!

You’ll put so much time into planning your child’s baptism day whether you put together a big family gathering, or just an intimate get-together with close relatives afterwards. Once you’ve chosen a great outfit for your child when all the cameras start flashing you’ll be able to relax knowing that you’ll look back on the photos from that day with a smile. Don’t let choosing the right outfit intimidate you! Shop online for great selection and the easiest process.

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