Canada's Best Dresses for your Fall Flower Girl

Canada's Best Dresses for your Fall Flower Girl

What’s more wonderful than a fall wedding (and dressing up for the occasion)! Fall means leaves changing colour, the return of hot chocolate and pumpkin spice everything, and new colour palate choices for your upcoming wedding! Gone are those summer days of pastels and florals. Get ready for rich purples and oranges, earthy greys and greens and pale accent colours. Choosing a fall colour palate for your wedding can be so much fun when you consider all the seasonal changes that are happening around you outside!

Once you’ve chosen your colour palate, you then get to decide which colour your wedding party will use as their main colour and accent. This means choosing the colours your flower girl will wear, as well as your bridesmaids.

While your bridesmaids will likely wear solid-coloured dresses on one of your main colours, you can get a little creative with your flower girl! You can put her in a white or off-white dress and use the same colour as the bridesmaids for a belt and her flowers, have her dress be the same colour as your bridesmaids, or even choose a different shade of the same colour!

Read on to see our choices for wedding colour palates this year, and a few top picks of our favourite dress styles!

Great colours for a fall wedding

When choosing your fall wedding colours think of a deep main colour, with a couple lighter accent colours to highlight it. Make sure to include a neutral colour like ivory, white or black because this is what will really tie it all together!

  • Maroon, burgundy and other shades of deep reds
  • Deep greens like forest green and hunter green
  • Greys, particularly charcoal and silver
  • Navy blue
  • Deep purples like royal purple and eggplant
  • Accent colours: pale pinks, greens and greys

Top dress styles this season

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Choosing a dress is fun for the flower girl, too!

With so many choices to be made when planning your wedding, this may seem like another difficult choice to make! We recommend starting with your colour palate, then thinking about the age of your flower girl. As absolutely darling as it is, the younger the child, the more likely she is to get fed up with a big princess dress so one of the shorter options might be better suited! If your flower girl is old enough take a look at some dresses with her to see what style she likes the most. As we all know, if a girl loves her dress she’s going to rock it with confidence and flair, no matter what style it is

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