Communion Dresses and Gowns - Top Styles for the Season Canada.

Communion Dresses and Gowns - Top Styles for the Season Canada.

First Holy Communion is a special day in any young girl’s life. It’s only natural to want her to feel beautiful in her dress! But where to begin… there are so many options when it comes to style! And styles are constantly changing from one year to the next. Here we’ll discuss the beautiful Communion Dress styles and cuts available this season. Surely, it will make choosing a dress that’s “just right” for your precious girl easy!

Canada’s First Communion Dress Styles for this Season

Beaded dresses

Beaded dresses are beautiful, and very popular this year. Beads offer a bit of glitz for your little girl, but keep the look understated and mature. You can choose to go for a dress that has just a beaded bodice, or one that is beaded all over.

Lace dresses

Lace dresses are lovely and demure. Perfect for your girl’s first communion! Similar to a beaded dress, you can choose to go with a lace bodice or an all over lace overlay.

Empire waist dresses

This waistline sits higher than a ball gown style, so gives the impression of a longer lower torso. Perfect for a shorter girl, or those that want to show off their girlish figure. Pair this with a coloured sash or a bow around her waist for a customized look.

Simple satin dress

A simple satin dress is a beautiful and understated dress for a first communion. This style lets her hair and accessories be the star of her outfit, and pairs perfectly with a coloured waist sash, bow or flower.

Ball gown style dresses

The ultimate princess dress for any young lady is the ball gown style communion dress. It has just the right amount of ‘poof’ in the skirt for a perfect twirl, and can be combined with any of the style additions mentioned in this article.

Do you have  a dress length preference for your girl?

Calf length dresses

Perfect for a summer mass, a dress that falls just below the knee is a lovely option for a communion dress. A calf length dress is slightly less formal than one that sits at the ankle, so might be the perfect option for your girl. It’s also the perfect style to show off her fancy shoes!

Ankle length dresses

For the girl that wants to feel grown up and dressed up for her communion day. Pair this length with any of the style additions we’ve talked about here to make this dress something that really shows off her style.

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Communion Dress Accessories

Dresses with sashes

Add a pop of colour to her white dress with a custom sash! This can be added to any style of dress we’ve talked about here, and in any colour. Let her personality and favourite colour shine on her special day!

Belted Dress

Chose a sparkly addition for her dress in the form of a beaded or crystal belt! Similar to a sash, this could be added to any style of dress to enhance the look.

Sleeve length options

Consider whether your church has guidelines before commiting to a certain sleeve length. You can opt for long sleeves, short sleeves, cap sleeves or no sleeves. So lots of choices in this category!

Choosing the perfect First Holy Communion Dress

Choosing a first communion dress seems like an overwhelming process, but it doesn’t have to be! Hopefully our breakdown of this season’s popular styles will help you in your search for the perfect dress! You can even combine some of the styles mentioned to create a truly unique dress for your little girls’ special day.


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