Dressing Up: Girls Accessories To Be the Darling of the Party

Dressing Up: Girls Accessories To Be the Darling of the Party

Accessorize To Be the Darling of the Party

If you want to transform your girl’s formal wear from boring to bold and make her into the hit of the party, choosing to accessorize properly is key. She’ll get a big boost to her self-esteem from all the positive attention she’s going to get, and you’ll enjoy the pleasure of admiring your fashionable creations. The key to success is in attention to the right details, the ones that will give you the biggest “bang for your buck”.

Boleros and coats are a key component of kids formal wear in Canada

Formal outerwear is often overlooked. But it’s a very important part of completing your child’s attire for a special occasion — and is non-negotiable for a winter event! And besides, why go to the trouble of getting a special outfit that’s fit for a Princess if it’ll be covered up by the well-worn everyday jacket that’s seen mud on the playground one too many times.

Of course, exactly what kind of outerwear you purchase depends on the season. For often cool Canadian summer evenings, any girl will appreciate a soft fleece bolero. Go with a bold red for attention-getting impact, or a subtle white for classic elegance. During cold weather, a full swing coat is the way to go — red makes a splash and black is classic — both are good choices if you don’t want your child to have to be overly worried about stains or dirt showing up. Weddings usually call for lighter colours such as white, ivory, or pastel pink — check with the bride to be sure your choice is compatible with their vision for their big day.

Make her dress extra special with careful attention to detail

An elegant sash can add a splash of colour and even whimsy to the right dress. Consider the clean lines and elegance of a silky or taffeta ribbon around her waist, adding a dash of sparkle with sequins, or even organza flowers for extra eye-catching appeal. Another fun addition is flowers that can be pinned to the dress itself. They can be used as a traditional corsage, or, take it a step further and transform her skirt into a gorgeous Petal Dress she’ll never forget!

Accessorize with hair accessories and headpieces

Jazz up her hair with the right headpiece — consider a playful headband, elegant tiara, or free-spirited wreath. Once you choose from those, you’ll find styles and colours to suit every taste. Take your pick from sparkling rhinestone or pearl accents, silk flowers, satin, ribbon, and tulle.

A First Communion is a great chance for her to enjoy wearing a soft veil to frame her face.

The final finishing touches

Last, but not least, it’s time to look at socks and tights, plus, baskets, pillows, gloves, and purses.

Every lady needs a purse, and your little lady is no exception. She’ll love feeling all grown up with a rose bud purse. Take it a step further and let her enjoy the elegance of silky gloves, available in a wide range of colours including white, black, ivory, red, black, aqua, and many more. Flower girls can’t do their job without a lovely basket. And if she’s helping the ring bearer at a wedding, a pillow for that ring is definitely in order.

Babies who are crawling already and active toddlers will be far more comfortable if they have a pair of tights to protect their knees and keep their legs warm. If the party will be taking place on a warm day, you may have to skip this — but definitely consider it for cool weather events.

Most formal footwear will be more comfortable if accompanied by a soft pair of socks. Not only can they add to the appeal of an outfit due to the beauty of details such as lace trim, but they also serve a practical purpose by preventing blisters. On a final note let’s face it, you don’t need to shop the most expensive kids clothes in the world! Between us, staying on budget is, well, smart!

Girls formal dress is complete with the right accessories (found here in Canada!)

Taking care not to overlook details like outerwear, hair accessories, purses, and accents for her dress will ensure her outfit is the hit of the party, and has all the practical bases covered, too!


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