Dressing Up Your Boy! Suit him in Style for Special Occasions

Dressing Up Your Boy! Suit him in Style for Special Occasions

There’s nothing more adorable than a little boy decked out in a well heeled suit. Let’s face it, mom’s (and dads, too!) can’t resist dressing up their little man on the occasion where looking his best is the only option. Whether for First Holy Communion, baptism or attending a wedding or holiday party getting formal and looking sharp is all the rage.

What’s Your Little Man’s Occasion?

Dressing him up for baptism

When it comes to the sacrament of baptism, the importance is of the occasion rests with your child’s entering into a life of faith. To mark the occasion, finding the perfect baptismal outfit is important. It’s a day to remember and of course, the photos will be clicking from all angles. Whether you go with a classic boys’ tux, a romper or a gown it is your decision and all remain in fashion. Often, it depends on whether you wish to remain traditional or not. Of course, you’ll want to complete a baptism suit, where appropriate, with a vest set.

Don’t forget all the baptism accessories. From bibs to shoes to socks, you can find them in premium children’s formal boutiques at budget prices, particularly online.

First Holy Communion or Confirmation: Suit or Tuxedo?

Boys’ formals for religious occasions (let’s face it) demand a full on suit or tux! Finding the perfect outfit for you boy takes planning. Lucky you, though, it’s less than outfitting girls and having to take them to the hair (and nail?) salon!  With boys, it is possible to go trendy, but that still means keeping it formal.

Our advice is to find the colour that suits you. For spring, you might want to go with a light coloured suit while fall and winter events lend themselves to darker suit colours. The bottom line? Mom has to love the suit – that’s always a good test 

Covering all the bases in dressing boys, you’ll need to consider:

  • Do you need a vest set or a shorts set? To go all out, you’ll need more than dress pants and a jacket, so ensure a vest set is on order. Short sets? Well, they’re the absolute cutest! Plus, if it’s hot your little guy will love you (more!).
  • Need belts, ties or suspenders? Often overlooked, the last thing you want is to forget that boys pants might not stay up if not perfectly fitted (and even then…). Suspenders are such an adorable touch!
  • Shoes? Don’t overspend on formal shoes because a) you don’t have to; and b) there are so many affordable options for boys shoes!

From head to toe, it’s important to find the right suit and accessories while staying true to your budget. Of course, buying quality ensures you’ll have go-to formal wear for other party occasions. Yes, they’ll outgrow them eventually, but buying quality means you’ll be able to use interchangeable pieces. Belts are adjustable, pants can often be taken out or lengthened, and shoes make great hand me downs!

Let’s Dress Up your Boy!

For special occasions, it’s only right that the boys receive at least nearly as much attention as the girls, right? Whether it is for special occasions like baptism, First Holy Communion, or confirmation; going forma is essential Of course, there’s other occasions for your boy to dress up, too!  The Christmas or holidays of faith also present plenty of dress up party opportunities! Of course, you’ll find great ideas here, too, with festive suit options for the season.


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