Enter The Flower Girl! 8 Unique Flower Girl Entrance Ideas.

Enter The Flower Girl! 8 Unique Flower Girl Entrance Ideas.

When it comes time to walking down the aisle it may be about the bride and groom but for a few brief moments, the little people preceding them are the real stars of the show! From the tiny tuxes on the ring bearers to the pretty party dresses on the flower girl, kids add a fun and memorable moment to the ceremony.

Typically, a flower girl will walk down the aisle in her matching dress carrying a basket of flower petals… But what if you want to spice things up a bit with something a bit less traditional and more original? With all the options in front of you while planning your wedding, thinking of some unique ideas for your flower girl might seem like the last thing you need to worry about. So we’ve put together this list of flower girl entrance ideas to make this choice simple!

8 flower girl entrance ideas

  1. Little ones that aren’t necessarily up to walking down the aisle can be pulled in a decorated wagon with a ‘Here comes the bride’ sign. Enlist your junior bridesmaid to pull her down the aisle.
  1. Play with a fairy theme and give her wings! Accessorize with a pretty floral crown or twisted vine head piece. This pairs well with having her carry a matching wand instead of a basket of petals.
  1. If you plan to go the traditional route with throwing flower petals, have some fun with it by choosing a basket or metal pail that suits your theme and adorn it with a sign that says ‘here comes the bride’.
  1. Invite the pets to the party! If the bride and groom have a favourite pet, the flower girl can walk the pet down the aisle with a decorated leash.
  1. Skip the flower petals and give your flower girl a sign! From the standard ‘here comes the bride’ to something with a personal touch, there’s no shortage of options here
  1. Can’t have flower petals in your venue? Use feathers or pine cones instead!
  1. If your flower girl is old enough you can have her drive a motorized mini car down the aisle
  1. Traditionally it’s common for a flower girl to carry a basket of petals down the aisle and toss them out as the walk to the front. If you’re looking to do something unique, skip the flower petal basket and have her carry one of these fun items instead:
    • Succulents or planted flowers- no cleanup needed!
    • A wand. Go rustic or sparkly… Choose to fit your theme!
    • A bubble gun
    • A balloon bouquet
    • An oversized balloon
    • A single flower. Fresh cut, or find a pretty faux oversized flower
    • A basket of fresh cut stemmed flowers to hand out
    • A basket of feathers
    • A mini bouquet similar to yours
    • A battery powered candle in a nice carrier
    • A mini birdcage with flowers

Make the role of Flower Girl a unique one

Flower girls add a fun and playful element to your wedding day, so it’s no surprise you want to include one in your wedding party. It’s easy to put her in a pretty dress, hand her a basket of flowers and send her down the aisle, but hopefully this list has given you some ideas for how to make her role a unique one!

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