Everything A Flower Girl Needs

Everything A Flower Girl Needs

A Guide to Everything a Flower Girl Needs     

With planning your wedding comes a few key decisions, regardless of what theme, location and budget you choose. One of those decisions is what your flower girl should wear! But putting together the perfect flower girl outfit doesn’t just end with the perfect dress, there are a few other pieces to the ensemble to consider.

Keys to the perfect flower girl

A perfect flower girl, of course, is all about that little darling the bride adores and who would be super excited to be part of the wedding day. Beyond that, here’s what they need to add to that perfection!

A cute dress

The first thing a flower girl needs for her moment in the spotlight is the perfect outfit! Usually this means a cute dress or fluffy skirt. Choosing a dress is often done with the flower girl present, depending on her age, and will often result in a dress that looks similar to the brides or bridesmaids. Choosing the flower girls dress is the first step in preparing your flower girl for a fun and memorable day.

With so many styles to choose from, your choices are endless when it comes to finding the perfect dress.

The perfect accessories

From flowers in her hair to the perfect matching necklace and bracelet, including accessories with your flower girls’ outfit is the best way to complete the look. You could even use this as an opportunity to give her a gift to show your thanks. When in doubt, accessorize!

Comfortable shoes

The flower girl will almost definitely be spending a fair amount of time on her feet on the day of your wedding, so comfortable shoes are a necessity. Even if you can’t choose comfortable shoes for the ceremony, make sure to have a second pair that she can change into for the reception.

A jacket

If any part of your wedding day might be outside, a light jacket or sweater is absolutely necessary for your flower girl. Keeping her comfortable is the best way to ensure a happy and pleasant flower girl for the whole day.

A change of clothes

As adults, we’re accustomed to making even uncomfortable dress clothes work for the duration of an event but a child, particularly if your flower girl is young, probably won’t be as happy to do this. Not to mention there is a good chance it could get dirty with all the delicious food you will be serving! Having an equally cute change of clothes for her for after the main event will help your flower girl to stay comfortable, happy and cute all day through.

Something to carry down the aisle

There are so many ways for you to be creative and to tie your wedding theme into your flower girls’ outfit, especially when it comes to choosing what she carries down the aisle. Whether you go with flower petals or confetti to throw, a pretty bouquet or balls of flowers or something more original like a wand, stuffed animal or other sort of ornament you can have some fun with this piece of the outfit.

Confidence (or a friend to help)

Depending on the age of your flower girl you might be able to talk to her about her important role in your wedding as a way to encourage her down the aisle. But if she is younger, you may choose to have a parent or loved one placed at the end of the aisle to coax her to the end. Another option might be to have your ring bearer and flower girl walk down the aisle together.

Your wedding day will be perfect, and so will your flower girl!

Now that you know all the pieces your flower girl needs on your wedding day you are ready to put the whole outfit together. Picking a dress that is both in style and aligns with your wedding goals is only the beginning, but the rest of the pieces will be easy once you have that picked out!

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