Flower Girl Dress How to Choose a Dress That Make Her Shine

Flower Girl Dress How to Choose a Dress That Make Her Shine

So your pride and joy has been chosen to serve as flower girl in a wedding and this honour is sure to be one of the highlights of her entire year. An important key to making your girl confident enough to walk down that aisle and enjoy her time in the spotlight is to ensure her outfit is on-trend! Here’s how you do it.

Consider the Flower Girl’s age

Very young flower girls often do better if you avoid putting them in a floor-length dress. If the dress is even a little bit too long, it doesn’t take much to cause them to trip and fall. The last thing you want is to see your little one embarrassed (or hurt) and in tears because she fell during her big moment.

If you or the bride really want a floor-length gown for a very young child, then purchase it far in advance so she can practice walking in it until she’s sure enough on her feet to avoid tripping.

Assuming you go with a shorter length, you’ll find many options available, including mid-calf and knee-length.

Take the wedding theme into account

A classic wedding with a princess feel cries out for a flower girl dress with a big, puffy skirt and crinoline beneath it. If the wedding is more formal, then a sleeker look should do the trick. Complement the outfit of a fun-loving bride by having the flower girl wear a dress with an absolutely gorgeous, whimsical ruffled skirt.

Consider a dress with a splash of colour

Gone are the days when the only choice for a flower girl’s dress was white, cream, or some other shade of pastel. While these are all perfectly fine choices, you shouldn’t limit yourself to them either, if something a bit bolder would better suit the wedding.

Nowadays, flower girl attire comes in a rainbow of colours including everything from flamingo pink to roaring reds to bold blues!

Accessorize her outfit

No outfit would be complete without all the proper accessories. Remember to finish her look with a classy pair of dressy shoes. To avoid blisters from her new, fancy footwear, make sure she has either a pair of socks or tights to wear that cover her tender feet — they’re available in a range of colours and styles. If her skin is sensitive, avoid socks with lace trim. She’ll also need a ribbon in her hair, or some other hairpiece. Finally, be sure to help her feel like she’s all grown up by giving her a purse to complete her outfit. If she’ll be sprinkling flower petals as she walks down the aisle for the ceremony, you should purchase a cute basket to hold them in. It’s practical, and looks adorable in photos.

Other, often overlooked accessories for special occasion dresses include outerwear. Depending on the weather expected on the big day, you can either go with a bolero-style cloak, or a full-length button-up coat.

Flower girl dresses and making your selection

Whatever you do, don’t let yourself get stressed over choosing a dress for this occasion. There is such a wide range of fashionable options that it’s hard to make a mistake provided you keep the above tips in mind. Give yourself lots of time to consider your options so you won’t feel pressured to make a choice before you’re ready. Enjoy the process, take lots of photos on the big day, and have fun making your little girl feel extra special in her role as flower girl. It’s sure to be a memory she’ll cherish forever.

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