Flower Girls and Junior Bridesmaid What's The Difference? GLD Canada

Flower Girls and Junior Bridesmaid What's The Difference? GLD Canada

Wedding planning comes with a whole list of things to do, plans to make and people to include. Some decisions can be really easy, others not so much. One of those more complicated decisions comes when you start deciding who to include in your wedding party. Seems pretty simple… and for the most part it might be. But what if you have a young teen girl in your family that you’d like to include? She can be a junior bridesmaid! Sounds simple enough but figuring out the difference between a flower girl and a junior bridesmaid can leave you scratching your head. Read on as we talk about some of the differences between the two roles.

What’s the difference between flower girls and junior bridesmaids?

The biggest difference between a flower girl and a junior bridesmaid is their age. Typically, a flower girl will be around 4-9 years, and a junior bridesmaid will be 9-14. Being a junior bridesmaid is the perfect role for a girl that is too young to be a bridesmaid, and too old to be a flower girl.

Here are a few other differences:

Involvement during pre-wedding fun

A flower girl is generally involved in dress trying and walking down the aisle. You’ll want them to participate in the rehearsal dinner because younger flower girls might not do exactly what you want them to on your big day when everyone is looking at them, so it’s a good idea to practice and see how they react!

While a junior bridesmaid likely isn’t old enough to join in the bachelorette party, that doesn’t mean she can’t get involved in the rest of the fun stuff! Ask your family to involve her in planning the shower, and any other tasks she might enjoy like assembling favours, wedding dress shopping and cake and menu sampling.

What they wear

Your flower girl will wear whatever style of dress you choose, usually some sort of party dress. It’s often white with a coloured sash that matches the rest of the bridesmaid dresses, but can also be a colour that goes well with the dresses your bridesmaids are wearing.

The junior bridesmaid will wear a dress similar to the other bridesmaids’, but in an age-appropriate style. Usually you would choose a dress that is not quite as ‘grown-up’ as the bridesmaids dresses. You can go with the same colour as theirs or choose one that’s complimentary but slightly different just to set her apart. She’ll also carry a bouquet that is smaller than the bridesmaids but that coordinates well with theirs.

Walking down the aisle

Your flower girl will walk down the aisle at the front of the procession, usually carrying a basket of petals to toss or a small bouquet.

A junior bridesmaid will walk down the aisle with the other bridesmaids. Usually she’ll be the ahead of them but after the flower girl. You can have her walk down with one of the groomsmen, or by herself if you don’t have an extra.

Where they sit during the ceremony and dinner

Generally, your flower girl will join her parents after walking down the aisle and at dinner.

Your junior bridesmaid will likely want to stand up with you and the other bridesmaids during the ceremony. For dinner seating you can consider the age of your junior bridesmaid and talk to her about where she’d be comfortable. If she is on the younger side, she might be more comfortable sitting with her parents. But she’ll likely relish the opportunity to sit with the big kids and be part of the excitement.


Choosing family members and close friends to join in your special day and play a role in your wedding party can be a fun process, but there are always some confusing parts! Hopefully this post has cleared up some of the differences between a flower girl and a junior bridesmaid, and helped you get on your way to a day you’ll never forget!

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