Shopping for Children's Formal Cloths in Canada

Shopping for Children's Formal Cloths in Canada

Canadian Children’s Formal Fashions – Traditional to Trendsetting

Special occasions call for special attire and shopping for kids formal wear can be so much fun! Whether your child is about to enjoy the honour of being a flower girl or ring bearer at a wedding, have their First Communion, or are going to an exclusive party, the experience won’t be complete unless they’re dressed to impress. Baptisms are another occasion that calls for specific formal attire, and with all the photos being taken to commemorate the event, you’ll want to dress your little one in the perfect outfit.  Dress them to impress with these  children’s fashion tips and ideas to get you started, whether you’re aiming for a traditional or trendsetting look!

Communion Outfits for Boys and Girls

Boys formal wear attire

When your little man needs to put his best foot forward as a ring bearer, at his First Holy Communion, or at a party, sometimes only a suit or tuxedo will do. When putting together his outfit, think of the same components as you would for any grown men in your life: pants, belt dress shirt, vest, plus, tie or bow tie.

If the event is extremely formal, go for a 3-piece suit (pants, jacket, vest) or tuxedo. For less formal events, or if you need to limit your spending, your little guy can get away without the vest.

But there’s more to it than that – you’ll also have to take the weather into account. Overdressed ring bearers for outdoor hot summer weddings get cranky if wearing too many layers, yet you still need to make sure they look dressed for the occasion. Be sure to include a vest in their outfit – that way if they want to remove their outer suit jacket, they’ll still look polished, while staying cool and comfortable. Another alternative that’s popular for ring bearers at destination weddings or summertime parties is the formal short set – this is identical to a standard suit or tuxedo except the pants have been swapped out for matching dress shorts.

Accessories make that suit or tuxedo look perfectly polished

Accessories like belts, vests and ties are a finishing touch that not only looks great, but is functional too. It’ll allow you to buy a pair of pants that’s loose-fitting enough to be comfortable, while being able to fine-tune it so your little one feels secure in the knowledge that his pants won’t fall down when he’s trying to bust a move on the dance floor.

Particularly if the outfit has a belt, suspenders won’t be used to hold the pants up, but to add some fashion-forward flair to an otherwise standard suit. Some people prefer to dress their little ones lightly in only dress pants and a dress shirt – if this is you, definitely consider making this otherwise everyday combo look extra special with the addition of suspenders.

If the outfit is for a ring bearer, be sure to find out who is responsible for purchasing the pillow to set the rings on.  Try to coordinate the look of the pillow with the suit he’ll be wearing on the big day.

Girls formal fashions that are in style right now

Girls who get to do the honour of being a flower girl at a wedding, are getting their First Communion, or will be attending a fancy party need to dress the part. Here are some tips on how to make sure their outfit hits the mark.

Girls Party Dresses Canada

Flower girl dresses are traditionally white. But if the bride wants to push the envelope a bit, they may have asked for a more vibrant hue (think ruby red or sapphire blue) to match their theme. A good choice for something a bit different that’ll still please traditionalists is a classic pastel. Look for a matching basket or purse that she can use to carry flower petals that she’ll sprinkle as she walks down the aisle.

Party dresses should be chosen based on the venue, the season, and the nature of the party. For formal events, consider accessorizing with a bolero jacket. Stylish coats for cooler weather come in a huge range of colours, styles (swing, bolero, half-length etc.), and fabrics (fleece, fur etc.). Definitely consider a coat if the outfit is to be worn during a cooler evening, or any time in winter.

What’s worn at First Communion will depend on the local customs at your church. Many girls today wear a traditional white gown that can be accessorized with ribbons, bows, and even fabric flower accents.


Girls love to accessorize

Look to outfit accessories for sweet finishing touches your little darling will love. Gloves are a treat to wear (they come in short and longer styles, in a wide range of colours), crinolines will transform a regular formal dress into something fit for a princess, and purses are great for the girl who wants to feel all grown up. You should also look for sashes to jazz up their dress, lace- or tulle-trimmed socks and tights, plus bows and flowers for their hair.

Baptism outfits for boys and girls

There’s a wide range of baptism outfits for you to consider. Gowns can be worn by either baby boys or girls, depending on the style. Some are adorned with flowers and bows that are perfect for baby girls.  Simpler styles are typically chosen if you want a gown that can be worn by multiple children in the family, no matter what gender they are.

Parents nowadays are having a lot of fun with baptismal fashion for baby boys though – you’ll see a wide selection of options including adorable white suits, 3-piece shorts sets, comfortable rompers, and more.

Children's Baptism Outfits Canada

Both baby boys and girls look adorable with finishing touches added to their outfits such as hats, bonnets, bibs, and shoes, or fancy socks bought especially to match their outfit. If you’ve chosen a suit or shorts set for your baby boy, definitely consider adding a bow tie. And remember that an adorable alternative to a hat for baby girls is a soft headband “crown”.

If the event’s venue has the potential to overheat your little one, be sure to have a cooler bodysuit on hand – you can make them extra memorable by monogramming them with “My Christening Day” to commemorate the big day.

On the other hand, if the baptism will take place on a cooler day, don’t forget to include a suit jacket for your baby boy. Swing- and bolero-style jackets are popular choices for baby girls who need something fashion-forward to keep them warm.

Online shopping for children’s formal wear is the way to go.

Shopping online in Canada for kids formals is by far the best way to shop because finding a good selection of these kinds of outfits in your local stores is often difficult. Don’t waste your valuable time driving all over town, only to be disappointed when all they have to choose from is one or two outfits, and a shockingly small selection of accessories. Instead, go online where the convenience and large selection can’t be beat. A bonus is the competitive pricing you’ll see with online stores – because they save a bundle on overhead costs, they can pass those savings along to you as their customer.

If you’re in Canada check out trendsetting kids fashions online, and the really good news is children’s formal wear is readily available in Greater Toronto and online – without having to venture out.

Now that you know what to consider when shopping for children’s formal fashions, it’s time to get started! Ready, set, shop!

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