What Age Should My Child Be Baptized?

when to baptize or christen a boy or girl
Baptisms are an important first step and milestone in your baby’s spiritual life. Baptisms can be done at any age its the parents decision when to Baptize their child. Spring is a great time of year to host a family Baptismal celebration at home. At Grandma's Little Darlings you can find Baptismal and Christening clothes for boys and girls of all ages. Although tradition states that the godmother buys the Baptism outfit and the godfather buys the cake, it is perfectly acceptable for you to get your baby’s Baptismal gown yourself, this way you can find a gown that you would love to see passed on. Visit Grandma’s Little Darlings to see a large selection of Christening and Baptism gowns, Baptism dresses,  white boys suits, Baptismal rompers for boys and Baptism accessories such as shoes, towels, candles, socks and bibs for both boys and girls. If you live out of town ordering on line can be simple, call and order online we can assist you in making the perfect Baptismal Day ensemble.
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