The Best Way to Shop for Kids' Formal Wear In Canada - Shop GLD

The Best Way to Shop for Kids' Formal Wear In Canada - Shop GLD

Shopping for kids’ formal wear in Canada might seem like a daunting task with all the options available to you (most of which you find are south of the border, ugh!). From going store to store looking at options to scrolling through websites you can spend hours shopping for the right formal wear for your event.

There are several things to consider before going shopping for kids’ formal wear, so check out these must-read shopping tips!

Tips for shopping for kids’ formal wear in Canada

Think about the style of your event

Is your child attending as a guest or participating in the event? This may make a difference in the style of outfit you are looking for. If they are participating, you may need to follow some guidelines when shopping, so you’ll want to find those out ahead of time. No sense in falling in love with something that doesn’t fit within the guidelines!

Also consider just how formal the event is. Does your little boy need a full suit with jacket and suspenders, or can he wear just dress pants and a dress shirt? Does your girl need a full skirt or will a summer dress do? These questions will help you narrow down what you are looking for while you shop.

Whether you’re nearby in Greater Toronto and wish to visit our Oakville children’s formal wear boutique or if you’re across the country you can shop at Grandma’s Little Darlings online 24/7 for on-budget, quality fashions!

Decide on your colour scheme

Do the kids need to fit into a certain colour scheme? Maybe her dress needs to be a certain colour or have a specific coloured sash. Have a swatch of the colour ready while you shop so you can accurately match it.

Consider your budget

From budget-friendly to way over the top, you can find kids formal wear to accommodate any size budget. Plan ahead what you’d like to spend so that you have an idea of when to walk away. It’s easy to get pulled in to the expensive section with the lure of beautiful beading, but if it doesn’t fit you’re budget you need to stay away!

What ‘duties’ will your child be performing while in their formal wear?

If they are doing a lot of walking, comfortable shoes are a must! They will also need to be able to comfortably move around and play in their formal wear. We’d like for them to stay calm and treat their clothing kindly, but we have to remember that they are kids, so any adjustments we can make to help them stay comfortable are worthwhile!

How far in advance of the event are you shopping?

Kids grow quickly, so consider that their size might change between now and the event date. If it’s far in advance, consider going up a size or 2 and have the outfit altered as the even nears.

How old is your child?

While a white beaded gown looks sweet on a 2 year old, the active crawling and moving they do may mean that this might not be the best style choice for them. The last thing you want is for the dress to get ruined before the event is finished! Consider the age and activity level of your child before choosing their formal wear, and make sure it will be well suited to them. This will save you the headache of having to protect the outfit while keeping the child happy on a busy day.

Shopping for kids’ formal wear is easy!

Shopping for kids’ formal wear doesn’t have to be scary! When you use this list to narrow down your needs, shopping online becomes especially easy. Just browse, click, and ship it to your door! Saving money by shopping online means that you’re able to consider alterations as the event gets closer, to ensure the outfit fits its best. Shopping for kids’ formal wear in Canada doesn’t have to be intimidating if you’ve put some thought into it before you start.

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