The Role of the Flower Girl

The Role of the Flower Girl

You see her walking down the aisle in front of the bride at weddings and walking around the party looking super cute. But now that you’re facing the choice of whether to have a flower girl at your wedding, you probably find yourself wondering what actually is the role of the flower girl?! Aside from looking cute in her pretty dress, is there anything else she is meant to do?

What does a flower girl actually do?

The main job of a flower girl is to walk down the aisle scattering flower petals, usually right before the maid/matron of honour and behind the ring bearer (if there is one).

If throwing flower petals isn’t something you want at your wedding she can carry a variety of different decorative or fun items instead. Things like bubbles, a wand or a ball or basket of flowers work great too. If she’s a little nervous to walk up the aisle, she could even carry her favourite stuffed animal for a cute look!

On the morning of the wedding you can decide with your flower girls’ mom whether she’d like to get ready with you and the rest of the bridesmaids. Depending on her age, it might make the day that much more special for her.

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Flower girl or junior bridesmaid?

You may have heard both terms in preparing for your wedding, and might feel confused about the difference between the titles.

A flower girl is typically between the ages of 4 and 7 years old. She will precede the wedding party down the aisle, and lead the way for the bride. Often, she will toss flower petals or confetti.

A junior bridesmaid is generally older, but not quite old enough to join in on some of the more mature activities that the bridesmaids take part in. She will wear a dress that fits with the other bridesmaids and walk with them in the procession down the aisle.

Clothing and accessories

Traditionally a flower girl would wear a mini replica of the brides’ or bridesmaid dress. With bridal dresses becoming more unique and progressive, this might not be the route you want to take. It’s also not necessary to go with a traditional all-white dress. She can wear a coloured sash or a dress with sparkles if that fits in with your theme.

There are many different styles of flower girl dresses that you can choose from. From calf-length dresses with a bow to floor length gowns, you can choose a dress that will make her feel beautiful.

As for jewelry, choose something simple and age appropriate. If you want to get her a gift, a pretty necklace is a great choice.

What to do if she’s nervous to walk down the aisle

If your flower girl is young, she may be fairly nervous to walk down the aisle. There are a few ways to combat her nerves and make it a little less intimidating:

  • Give her a buddy – having someone to hold her hand while she walks to the front might put her more at ease
  • Let her bring her favourite stuffie – carrying a toy she loves will help her relax as she walks down
  • Have her parents positioned at the front – seeing mom or dad will give her someone to focus on and walk towards
  • Prepare her well in advance – talking through her role and what she can expect might calm her before it starts. A rehearsal is a good idea, too
  • Have a backup plan – After all of your preparation, she might still not perform when the time comes. Just know that your guests will find her behaviour cute, no matter what that looks like!

A flower girl is an optional- but cute- part of a wedding

While having a flower girl is optional, making the decision to have one might not feel easy. But rest assured, this is probably one of the easiest decisions you’ll make about your wedding day!

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