Totally Unique Wedding Gifts to Thank Your Flower Girls and Ring Bearers

Totally Unique Wedding Gifts to Thank Your Flower Girls and Ring Bearers

Inviting kids to join your wedding party as the flower girl and ring bearer is a natural choice if you have young children in your family that you want to include. They make for a sweet entrance and will feel special and loved for being included. They might even steal the show for a few minutes! When inviting people to join your wedding party, the thought of giving them a thank you gift is a natural one. Your bridesmaids and groomsmen might be fairly easy to find a gift for, but the kids might be a little more difficult! What if you don’t know what kind of things they like?

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Here’s a few ideas of neutral gifts for your flower girl and ring bearer to take some of the confusion out of planning this part of your big day!

Give the gift of entertainment

Your wedding day is no doubt going to be a busy, fun filled day. But your minis might not agree… Likely they will get tired and/or bored at points throughout the ceremony, photos, reception and dinner. Plan ahead for this and gift them a backpack or tote bag with fun things to entertain them in their less-excited moments. You can include things like:

  • Snack packs. Easy to clean snacks like crackers, clear juices or a water bottle, granola bars and a couple sweets with help fend off hangry moments when you’re just trying to get one last photo
  • Colouring books. No matter the age, there are colouring books that will entertain both boys and girls!
  • A stuffed friend or toy car. A small toy that will hold the memory of the day, and provide some in-the-moment entertainment is always a great addition
  • An ‘I’m the Flower Girl/Ring Security’ t-shirt. Let them wear their title proudly! This might come in handy if there’s a messy dinner, too!
  • A wedding themed children’s book. Their bedtime story can be a memory of the role they played in your wedding

For the sports fans

If your ringbearer or flower girl is a sports fan you can put together a gift that will help encourage their love of the game. Including items like a logo jersey, mini hockey sticks or baseball bats, stickers and ballgame or arena snacks like popcorn and penny candies will help tie this theme together.

Choose a fun day out

For the kid that has it all you can take them on a special day out instead of giving an actual gift! Head to the movies, an amusement or water park, a sporting event or a local park and ice cream shop. Physical items don’t have to be the center of a gift, sometime spending quality time together is the best gift of all.

Choosing a Gift for the Kids in Your Wedding Party is Easy!

Choosing a gift for your flower girl and ring bearer can actually be so much fun. Just think of it as an exercise in having your own kids one day. There’s nothing more satisfying than seeing the smiles on their faces when they receive gifts! The intention is to show your thanks, so it’s easiest to think of something they’ll truly enjoy rather than picking a gift just because you’re supposed to. These suggestions should give you some ideas on where to start with your gift giving options!

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