Trending Outfits for Holly First Communion: What all the Kids are Wearing

Trending Outfits for Holly First Communion: What all the Kids are Wearing

Getting dressed up for First Holy Communion is just part of what is a very special day for your child. The Holy act of taking the sacrament is one of the most important and valuable traditions of our faith. For thousands of years, we have been faithfully reproducing one of the most important things that Christ has done, engaging in the Eucharist as remembrance of his sacrifice for all mankind’s salvation.

When a child is ready for their First Holy Communion, it’s a very big deal, because it is a time for them to cherish and reflect upon their relationship with God, Christ and even the Church itself. In a time like that, you want their memory to be special, and so finding the right outfit for your boy or girl for First Holy Communion is of the utmost importance. Fortunately, there are some real advancements in communion clothing for children these days and there have been some great fashion trends as of late.

Lace White Dresses for Comfort

White is an important color within the Christian faith, primarily because white is symbolic of purity, virtue and goodness. When Christ is pictured in traditional art, he is often seen as clothed in white, as a symbol of his title, The Lamb of God. If you have a little girl, the perfect choice for her would be a beautiful white lace dress. Not only is it well crafted and sleeveless, the bodice is satin, with beadwork on the waste. It looks beautiful, feels good on the skin and isn’t bulky or uncomfortable. This will keep the child happy as she undertakes her very First Holy Communion.

Diamond Waist A-Line Dress for Elegance

This beautiful dress comes with a pearls and rhinestone waistband around it, making for an elegant and extravagant outfit. The gems make the outfit come alive and no doubt the girl will be delighted when she looks in the mirror to see such beautiful stones adorning her.

Fancy Brooch Flower Girl Dress

This adorable satin and tulle gown comes with a pin on brooch that is sure to look good on any child attending their First Holy Communion. Not only does it look great, but it is also one of the more cost effective options that you have. With a lot of details, ruffles and finery, this fancy brooch dress works great for communion. It’s not just for flower girls!

Classic Boys Suit

When it comes to dressing up your little boy for his First Holy Communion, you have a lot of great options, but the best choice for him would be to get him a traditional, 5 piece suit. A complete package will help him look sharp and let him feel confident for undertaking the sacrament. You have a lot of different color options and you should pick them based on what kind of statement that you are going for. Black is always great, because it’s useful for more than just communion, you can get a lot of mileage out of a black suit for all sorts of different occasions, such as weddings, funerals or even just going to church on Sunday. If your child doesn’t care for black and wants some color, navy can provide that option, without looking garish and out of place.

Sharp Looking Blazers for Little Gentlemen

If your son doesn’t like the idea of wearing a suit, perhaps he’s resistant to the fact that you have to wear a lot of restrictive clothing, then you might want to consider a different option. You can’t go wrong with a navy boys blazer. While it is less formal than the traditional suit, it is great for a casual environment. So if you’re attending a communion that is a little less formal, this would be a great option. In addition to the blazer, you’ll need to figure out what pants would go well with the outfit. We’d suggest wearing khakis or jeans, as it would complete the outfit and give him a real casual look. This ensures that your son will be comfortable and stylish during his First Holy Communion.

Burgundy Dress Shirt and Tie

If your son is looking to move into the brighter color range than just black or navy, burgundy is an excellent option. Eschewing the traditional suit, he could simply wear a burgundy dress shirt that comes with a blue, spotted tie. There can be some symbolism in this fashion choice as well, for the red clothing can represent the blood of Christ, which is one of the elements of the Eucharist itself. So not only will he be cool, comfortable and stylish in this outfit, he will also be able to make a statement about his faith itself.

Don’t get left out!

Whether you’re getting your little girl or your little boy ready for their First Holy Communion, you should really put some energy into getting them some clothes that feel great and look good. Remember, there are going to be plenty of other kids taking this Blessed Sacrament too, and you don’t want them to feel out of place by just wearing a t-shirt and shorts!

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